Watermaze Sump Pit

Reinforced, pre-fabricated fiberglass pits are significantly easier and less expensive to ship and install than shipping or constructing on site pits made of concrete. The fiberglass is chemically resistant and the inner surfaces are impervious, which inhibits the growth of bacteria. When they are properly installed (e.g., immersed in concrete), they effectively can provide double containment in case of ground movement.

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Water Maze offers in-ground fiberglass pits, which are easy to install at the job site. As compared to poured-in-place concrete pits that may eventually crack and allow water to leach into the ground, our fiberglass pits immersed into concrete can provide double containment. We offer three sizes of pits. The In-ground Separator (IGS) is uniquely designed with two sets of standing weirs that force solids to the bottom of the pit.

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8.709-334.0 Sump Pit, Fiberglass, In-Ground, 2' X 2' X 3' (Inside Dimensions)
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8.903-675.0 Cover For Sump Pit (8.709-334.0), Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate W/ Steel Tube Frame, 2' X 2'
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8.903-676.0 Grating For Sump Pit (8.709-334.0), Hot Rolled Steel, 1/2" X 2" Flatbar, 2' X 2'
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