Burners & Coils

Burners & Coils

Landa SureFire Burners

SureFire oil burners by Landa are a leader in performance, reliability, and energy  efficiency. Industry exclusive features provide a durable, maintenance free package. Designed especially for the harsh environment of the pressure washer industry, these burners are built to provide years of trouble-free service.


  • 0.75 to 7.0 GPH
  • 56,000 to 960,000 BTU's
  • Exceptional performance even at low GPH for a wide range of applications
  • Easy to service due to overall simple ease of making adjustments and overall design
  • Sight glass for viewing spark, ignition, and fan provides at-a-glance performance monitoring of inside of burner
  • Solid State, high output ignitors for better ignition
  • Power and ignition indicator lights show that burner is working
  • Corrosion-free die cast aluminum fan housing with slide-in guide for forged brass gun assembly
  • Dependable Suntec fuel pumps are the best in the industry
  • Forged brass gun assembly with self-aligning electrodes for reliable ignition
  • Water-tight electrical box with numbered ter-minal strip and wiring diagram for quick and easy installation
  • Fuel options include No. 1 or 2 heating oil, No. 1 or 2 diesel fuel, or kerosene
  • ETL Listed to UL and CSA Safety Standards Patent No. D665901

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