LANDA TUFF-SKIN , 2-Wire Hose , 25' x 3/8"

7 Reasons why Landa Tuff-Skin Hose is # 1 Hose in the Industry

  1. More Durable: While other manufacturers and vendors are switching to cheaper hybrid constructions, including hydraulic hoses, Landa high pressure hose is offered in standard R1 and R2 heavy-duty construction.
  2. Higher Temperature Range: Landa Tuff-Skin high pressure hose is rated for temperatures of up to 275°F continuous and 310°F intermittent. Many other hoses are rated for only 250°F and don’t specify an intermittent capacity.
  3. Unique Braid Design: Landa offers the heavier, more flexible Tuff Flex 3/8” R1 hose in a 4000 PSI construction.
  4. Higher Working Pressure: Landa’s Tuff Skin R2 construction exceeds the industry standard of 4500 psi by offering a 6000 psi construction.
  5. Greater Oil Resistance: Landa high pressure hoses carry the maximum Class A ORS (oil resistant rating) in both the tube and cover for longer life. Many other brands carry only a Class B ORS (medium oil resistant) rating which makes them highly susceptible to environments where oil and animal fats are present.
  6. More Wear: Landa’s Tuff-Skin hose has proven to deliver more abrasion resistance than comparable designs of other brands. Permanently embossed identification provides easy identification and owner protection.
  7. Certified Burst Protection: Landa’s Tuff-Skin hose meets the stringent UL-1776 safety standards with two hose guards—including a 24-inch sleeve on the gun end—for added operator protection against bursts.




 Pressure Washer Hose

  • Must be labeled pressure washer hose to comply with UL 1776 safety standard for pressure washers
  • Must have a swedge guard or bend restrictor 24" long at operator end for compliance with national safety standards
  • Crimp fitting is designed to allow for expansion and contraction
  • The national safety standard requires ratings label on hose


 Hydraulic Hose

  • Hydraulic hose is not designed for pressure washer applications. The inner tubing will crack over time when in contact with water.
  • Not designed for hot water
  • Hydraulic hose is found on equipment not in the operator’s hands. Swedge guard or bend restrictor is not required.
  • Crimp fitting does not allow for expansion and contraction from hot water applications.
  • Normally labeled with pressure ratings only because they are not rated for hot water

Part Number: 8.925-179.0

Cross Reference Part Number(s):4-020425, 89251790, 87390710, 8.739-071.0



The Landa high pressure hose, 2-wire, is built to exceed the EN1829-2 Standard and will provide superior abrasion resistance that will increase the life of the hose. The Landa hose is rated up to 250°F and 6000 PSI.


  • 25-foot length
  • Rated to 6000 PSI
  • 3/8″ MPT swivel x 3/8″ MPT solid ID
  • Rated for continuous temperatures up to 250° F.
  • Permanently embossed identification makes for easy tracing and owner protection.
  • Meets the stringent UL-1776 safety standards with two hose guards.
  • 24″ sleeve on the gun end for added operator protection against bursts
  • A ” bite-the-wire” coupling actually reaches the wire braid for never slip retention, far superior to the “compression” fittings used on conventional hoses
  • Landa branded yellow bend restrictor.
  • Smooth impression, oil resistant tube and cover with yellow hose guard, both ends.

Part Number: 8.925-179.0

Cross Reference Part Number(s):4-020425, 89251790, 87390710, 8.739-071.0

More Information
Manufacturer Landa
SKU 4-020425
Part Number 8.925-179.0
Maximum Pressure 6000
Threads 3/8 In. MPT
Hose Size 25 Ft. x 3/8 In. ID