KIT, VALVE ASSEMBLY, 8.753-824.0

70-87538240 Valve Kit is designed and manufactured for precise fitment on Karcher, Landa, Legacy and Hotsy pumps. The heart of every pressure washer pump is the check valves. OEM Replacement Kit

Keep in mind, when replacing pump kits, you may be addressing the result of a completely different issue, there could be a whole different reason for a pitted check valve or marred water seals. Be sure to thoroughly review supporting components of the pump and engine before replacing pump parts.

Landa Pump Replacement Check Valves, only one valve kit is necessary to repair all the valves in the pump. The kit includes new O-Rings, valve seat, poppet, spring and retainer, all pre-assembled.


Service Instructions

  1. All inlet and discharge valves can be serviced without disrupting the inlet or discharge plumbing. The inlet and discharge valves are identical in all models.
  2. To service any valve, remove valve cap and extract valve assembly.
  3. Examine O-Rings and replace if there is any evidence of cuts abrasions or distortion.
  4. Remove valve assembly (retainer, spring valve, valve seat) from valve cavity.
  5. Remove O-Ring from valve cavity.
  6. Install new O-Rings in valve cavity.
  7. Insert assembly into valve cavity.
  8. Replace valve cap and torque to specifications.

Part Number: 8.753-824.0

Cross Reference Part Number(s):2601.86, 87538240, 70-87538240


Landa Valve Kit Assembly, 8.753-824.0

Pump repair valve kit fits the following models:

Landa Pump Models

  • LT4540.2
  • LT6036.2

Karcher Pump Models

  • KT4540L.2
  • KT4540R.2
  • KT6036L.2
  • KT6036R.2

Hotsy Pump Models

  • HT4540.2
  • HT6036.2

Legacy Pump Models

  • GT4540.2L
  • GT4540.2R
  • GT5636.2L
  • GT5636.2R
  • GT6036.2L
  • GT6036.2R

Part Number: 8.753-824.0

Cross Reference Part Number(s):2601.86, 87538240, 70-87538240

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Manufacturer Landa
SKU 70-87538240
Part Number 8.753-824.0