Trailer Mounting Plate Kit for MHC

Trailer Mounting Plate Kit for MHC

Tools Required to Perform Installation

1/2" sockets or 1/2" wrenches

Step 1 Remove existing wheel assembly.

Locate two 3/8" square holes on each side of base closest to the frame ends. In the square holes, install 5/16" carriage bolts (item 2) from the top, with the threads pointing towards the ground.

Step 2 Install skid plate under base with carriage bolt protruding through plate holes. Place flat washer (item 4) and nylock nut (item 3) on each of the 4 bolts. Tighten nuts with 1/2" wrench or socket.

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8.916-176.0 Plate, Skid Mount, MHC
8.915-494.0 Assy, Skid Mounting Kit, MHC
8.718-626.0 BOLT, 5/16-18 X 1-1/4", CARRIAGE ZINC
9.802-776.0 NUT, 5/16, ESNA, NC
8.718-980.0 WASHER, 5/16" FLAT, SAE (780452)