Caster Wheel Kit for MHC

Caster Wheel Kit for MHC

Tools Required to Perform Installation

1/2" socket or 1/2" wrenches

Step 1 Remove front wheel assembly.

Place 5/16" washers (item 6) over hex bolts (item 3). Push bolts through raised area of caster base (item 1). There are four (4) bolts to each side of caster frame.

Place wheel caster (item 2) onto the four bolt shafts. Place flat washer (item 6) and nylock nut (item 4) over each bolt shaft; tighten with 1/2" wrench or socket. Repeat on other side of caster frame assembly.

Step 2

NOTE: The caster assembly attaches to the pressure washer using different holes than the factory installed wheel assembly. Locate two 3/8" square holes on under side of base closest to the front of the frame. In the first square holes on each side, install a 5/16" carriage bolt (item 2) from the top, with the threads pointing towards the ground. Install another 5/16" bolt in the second square holes, which are 3-3/8" from the first. Repeat on other side.

With the four carriage bolts installed, place the caster assembly under the unit so carriage bolts protrude through wheel caster assembly holes. Place washer (item 6) and nylock nut (item 4) on to each of the four bolts. Tighten nuts with 1/2" wrench or socket.

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