VAL6, Infrared Radiant Heater, Propane Gas (GP5), 144,000 BTU

Cleanest and most efficient GN5

Flame monitor (Flame-rod), Air switch, Overheat protection and Tip-over switch.


Great for Construction site, Workshop, Job site, Outdoor projects.

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KEY COMPONENT: Premixed combustion burner

GAS VAL6 equips premixed combustion burner which creates blue-flame due to mix fuel gas and air in advance. This enables quiet operation and clean combustion.

QUIET OPERATION Its premixed gas combustion allows VAL6 GN5 and GP5 to minimize operation noise. The noise level is about 60dB as compared with a typical forced-air heater's noise level at about 75dB or more.

CLEAN COMBUSTION: Due to perfect combustion from premixed gas combstion system, GAS VAL6 produces less than 1 ppm of carbon monoxide. This is one tenth or one twentieth of typical torpedo heaters.

More Information
SKU 700-V-GP5
Heat Output 140,000 BTU/hr
Heater Type Liquid Propane
Fuel Consumption Select One
Voltage 120